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Yoga Nidra – Journey through Pancha Koshas

  Yoga Nidra- A journey through Pancha Koshas to Pure Bliss To realize that you are not your thoughts is when you begin to awaken spiritually ~ Eckhart Tolle   Seed of thought for writing about Yoga Nidra and the journey within  was sown after one of our aerial Yoga classes. As our yogis come […]

4 Benefits of Aerial Yoga -Shakti Aerial Yoga

We all know that yoga does wonders for our mind and body but did you know that Aerial Yoga is no exception. It is a fun unique alternative to more traditional workouts that offers some unexpected perks. Here are 4 amazing benefits of Aerial Yoga Helps back issues If you have looked at some of […]

Mindfulness is a practice- Shakti Aerial Yoga Dance Studio

  When I admire the wonders of a sunset and the beauty of the moon my soul expands in worship of the creator ~ Mahatama Gandhi Mindfulness is a practice and it is simple as admiring a sunset Mindfulness is a practice, but it is as simple as to be still and notice a sunset.The […]

Process For Shakti Groupon clients

All vouchers must be redeemed by email before you can register for class(es). Follow the steps below to get started redeeming your Groupon voucher: (1) Create a User Account with our Schedule House class registration portal. Please Click Here   to set up your account for Shakti classes (2) Email with a screen shot or PDF of your Groupon voucher for Intro […]

YinAerial Yoga Class at Shakti Yoga and Dance

YINAERIAL Wondering “what  yin aerial is” You might have tried or  taken a Yin yoga as a mat class and are wondering how it translates to aerial hammock. You may be completely new to Yin yoga and are considering adding yin to your yoga practice. This blog explains the subtle differences in practicing Yin, Restorative […]

Shakti Events in July and Early August

Yoga For Kids   The three week series will be taught by Natasha. Natasha, is an LCPS educator, mother and yogi. She holds a Master’s in Education and a 500-hour Yoga Instructor certification from Yoga Alliance. With over 10 years of education experience and 14 years practicing and teaching yoga, Natasha hopes to spread her […]

Meditation| Mindfulness| Awareness scientific way to heal

  “Meditation teaches us to cure what need not be endured and endure what cannot be cured.” ~Unknown Feeling slightly lost, overwhelmed, do you struggle with anxiety and or anger? Is your mind on a constant marathon? YES!! You are not alone, I struggle with these issues too, I am pretty sure that I am […]

Reconnect With Yourself

    Reconnect with yourself As I am aging I am finding my heritage and my love  for Yoga again. I have been immersing myself in yoga/ trainings/ and certifications from Kripalu. My recent immersion has been in Yoga Nidra with Jennifer Reis. The practice of Yoga Nidra opened my inner self for a deeper connection […]

How Aerial Yoga Can Help Professional Athletes

Aerial Yoga class in Ashburn How Aerial Yoga Can Help Professional Athletes Whether for increased stamina or flexibility, yoga is one of the best workouts to complement your fitness regime. It also incorporates the tenets of mindfulness meditation, and its benefits were previously discussed here on Aradia Fitness. What’s also good about yoga is that […]

Mindfulness – Taking control of your happiness

Taking control of your happiness starts with checking in with yourself. Your true self… Are you spending your time looking at yourself, dressing yourself through other people’s eyes? Are you judging yourself harshly, does that judgmental thought then refuse to leave you making you uncomfortable in your own body? Care about what other people think […]