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Mindfulness Is A Practice- Shakti Aerial Yoga Dance Studio

Mindfulness is a practice- Shakti Aerial Yoga Dance Studio


Mindfulness is a practice| Shakti Aerial Yoga and Dance studio

When I admire the wonders of a sunset and the beauty of the moon my soul expands in worship of the creator ~ Mahatama Gandhi

Mindfulness is a practice and it is simple as admiring a sunset

Mindfulness is a practice, but it is as simple as to be still and notice a sunset.The beauty of it lasts but a few minutes but it does wonders for you. So many of us are on this constant run from point A to B all the time, we forget to be still, to do nothing for a few minutes. Give permission to ourselves to enjoy a few minutes every day to just be.

 How sunsets help in practicing Mindfulness

Sunsets are beautiful moments everyday. They give us an opportunity every day to just be, stay still and notice its beauty, feel the glow, changing colors, and breathe.  What I know for sure y’all is that the most memorable part of our day/lives are not on a schedule. Life is a journey, a process. It is not a scheduled event, yet majority of our days are scheduled and we run our schedules like a clock.

Sunsets: Experience them be still

Do not get me wrong, some schedule and discipline is required. BUT sunsets they are not on your calendar. Watching a sunset is therapeutic, stops you in your tracks. Apart from the fact that the creators magnificence is on display, it may  provide a few moments of self reflection. It is a process unfolding right in front of our eyes a pause that our over scheduled hearts need.

Notice the rhythms of nature and may be give yourself permission to be one with it. The magic of sunsets sends a warm happy glow to your skin which permeates to your heart. It is near impossible to NOT let your heart be open to receiving happiness. Sunsets provide much needed stop everyday, a reason to pause, enjoy a moment with yourself and possibly feel the larger whole that makes us one.

We go through life scheduling our happiness, “I will be happy when I have……….” Happiness is lived in moments. Many moments of happiness are missed because we are too busy scheduling happiness and fail to notice the magical moments passing us by, literally every day.

If you have full attention in the moment you will see only love ~ Deepak Chopra

Watching sunsets is not a major accomplishment by any means but you will remember sunsets, what came after and or before. You will remember how it made you feel, and guess what you can revisit that memory on the craziest of days, when things are not going well, when it is snowing, or when it is raining literally and metaphorically. It is a mindful memory created, because you took the time to stop, be still and allowed yourself to feel. It will always be with you.

“Stillness is the language god speaks, everything else is a bad translation.” ~ Eckhart Tolle

Watching and experiencing a sunset is very different than taking a photograph, it is an experience. Almost moments stolen from your busy day to experience the magic.  I find them to be very personal and intimate experiences. 

Shared moments of sunsets and sunrises are precious. Experience them with your family and friends (these moments are the quietest yet most profound I find)

As the darkness descends and magic has set on the horizon. There is that undying undeniable hope for another gorgeous sunrise and sunset. Every ending y’all is an invitation to a new beginning. Every sunset reaffirms it.

I invite you all to challenge yourselves to witness sunsets. Give yourselves permission to be still and do nothing for a few minutes every day. We have a series of Sunset Meditation coming up in September. 

We will be practicing stillness, observation, reflection and meditation. 

Love and Light Always