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Within each of us lies the feminine divine primordial cosmic energy “Shakti”, that gave birth to the universe. This energy when nourished manifests into power that transforms you mentally physically and spiritually. Dance of Shakti is the dance of the universe, You are here to embark on a journey to nourish your mind, body, soul and awaken your power.

Our vision of Shakti introduces you to unique, authentic, traditional yoga and dance practice. The dance of shiva and shakti is as ancient as the creation itself.

Shakti is represented as most important goddesses in Indian Mythology, Shakti is a divine cosmic energy that represents feminine creative energy and dynamic force that moves through the universe. Shakti is responsible for creation and also is an agent of change. Shakti often manifests to destroy demonic forces and restore balance. As a divine cosmic force Shakti has been known to take on many forms and names including mother goddess, Kali the fierce goddess, Parvati, and Durga.

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Mythological lore of India considers Shiva the lord of Dance, Nataraja, and Shiva is the old of Yoga also referred to as Yogeshwar or Mahayogi. Shakti is the energy force of the universe, Shakti is the energy of Shiva, mother of all beings, protector of life and destroyer of that which threatens it.

Shakti is who you call upon for strength, courage, power, and fertility.As Parvati she is the wife of Shiva and mother to Kumara and Ganesha (the remover of obstacles).

We invite you to practice yoga and dance and allow your shakti to radiate.