Process For Shakti Groupon clients - Aerial Yoga

Process For Shakti Groupon Clients

Process For Shakti Groupon clients

Groupon Vouchers are for Intro to Shakti Aerial Yoga only. Introduction to Shakti Aerial Yoga class is mandatory before taking any other aerial yoga class. Please check our schedule page for our Introduction classes. 

 All vouchers must be redeemed by email before you can register for class(es). Follow the steps below to get started redeeming your Groupon voucher:

(1) Create a User Account with our Schedule House class registration portal. Please Click Here   to set up your account for Shakti classes

(2) Email with a screen shot or PDF of your Groupon voucher for Intro to Aerial Yoga. We must have the full Voucher number (listed under the barcode) in order to redeem your Groupon.

(3) Once your Groupon is received and redeemed, our staff will place the corresponding class credit(s) on your Schedule House account. You will receive an email back when your classes are available for use.

(4) Due to the volume of voucher redemptions we receive, please allow 2-4 business days for this process to be complete. We encourage Groupon users to plan in advance for the classes they wish to attend as our classes sometimes fill up 2-3 weeks in advance.

(5) Aerial Yogis please respect the clothing guidelines, they need to be adhered to. Please wear sleeved tshirt and leggings. Do not wear any jewelry, rings bracelets etc. If you forget to wear a sleeve Tshirt we do sell them at the studio.

(5) Clients are responsible for making their own reservations online using the account created on our scheduling portal. Please acquaint yourself with our Studio etiquette and attire guidelines.