YinAerial Yoga Class at Shakti Yoga and Dance - Aerial Yoga

YinAerial Yoga Class At Shakti Yoga And Dance

YinAerial Yoga Class at Shakti Yoga and Dance


Wondering “what  yin aerial is”

You might have tried or  taken a Yin yoga as a mat class and are wondering how it translates to aerial hammock. You may be completely new to Yin yoga and are considering adding yin to your yoga practice. This blog explains the subtle differences in practicing Yin, Restorative and how they translate into an aerial yoga practice.


Yin and Yang are opposites in unison. Yoga practice that is active, heat building, and has active engagement of muscles is a Yang practice. Yoga practices such as Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Buti yoga fall into this category.

Yin Yoga is its opposite, a slow practice while the body is cool. The intention of this practice is to go beyond the tissue and muscles and juice the bones. This juicing of the bones (mild stress of the joints) eventually results in healing from within, and works towards increasing mobility.

Both Restorative and Yin Yoga are meditative practices, there are subtle differences in both practices. Restorative Yoga works into the muscles, though slow paced there is movement in the muscles. Yin Yoga requires a greater degree of stillness. Stillness that allows the stress of the pose to go past the muscles, and travel deeper into connective tissue, facia, joints and bones.

This tissue is denser and requires long period of holding a pose to access. Students will find Yin yoga uncomfortable unlike Restorative yoga, but once students recognize their edge and settle into pose they do tend to find a sweet spot which makes the release of the pose that much wonderful.

Josh Summers, an experienced Yin Yoga Instructor, describes Yin Yoga as “a bitter practice with sweet results.

In a Yin Yoga class, different props such as – blankets, bolsters, blocks are used by students. The prop is to support the the student in holding a pose, similarly in YINAERIAL the aerial hammock is used as the prop. Most of the poses in a Yin Yoga class will be done on the ground. Fabric will be used as a prop.

Shakti Aerial Yoga and Dance is currently offering Yinaerial and will soon be offering Aerial Restorative workshop.